About Us

The ProClip Story

The ProClip products are manufactured in Karlsborg, Sweden by Brodit AB, a company that was established in 1983 to provide communication device mounting solutions for vehicle interiors. 

The ProClip product line was developed by Brodit's President and CEO Ebbe Johansson, who first found a solution for mounting cell phones, two-way radios and meters in Swedish taxis without damaging the dashboard. His practical, convenient solution for dashboard mounts quickly spread to other industries and to other communication accessories. 

ProClip products are custom fit for each vehicle model and for each mobile device including cell phones, smartphones/ PDAs, GPS navigation systems, tablets, two-way radios and mobile scanning devices. Currently, more than 6000 vehicle mounts and device holders are distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. The products are formed from quality ABS plastic rather than being mass produced through injection molding. 

The company philosophy is to provide customers with the same level of quality they expect from the vehicles and mobile devices they are using.

ProClip USA, Inc. is the exclusive importer and distributor of ProClip in-vehicle device mounting solutions for the Americas. ProClip USA is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin USA - a city that consistently ranks as a top community in which to live, work, play, and raise a family. A favorite Midwestern getaway, Madison is also a premier meeting and convention destination.

Markets Served

Along with individual drivers and users of ProClip products, the following markets are among those currently benefiting from ProClip mounting solutions:

Original Equipment Manufacturers

ProClip works directly with manufacturers such as Volvo, Saab, Citroen, Renault and others to provide customized solutions for original equipment. ProClip has both the technical knowledge and design capability to provide solutions for new applications. 


Vehicle dealerships worldwide are installing ProClip communication accessories. Our prototype teams work to have units in production and ready for delivery before a new vehicle hits the dealership. 

Police and Emergency Vehicles

ProClip products provide an ideal solution to securely mount the variety of communication equipment required in these vehicles. ProClip cradles and charging devices also eliminate the need for personnel to carry additional batteries or experience an interruption in service.

Sales and Delivery

Businesses that utilize communication accessories in sales and delivery vehicles are choosing ProClip accessories. One of the largest U.S. computer companies equipped all of its sales fleet with ProClip dashboard mounts. The ability to order ProClip accessories, at a discounted price, was extended to other employees through a link on the company’s Intranet. 

Leasing companies

ProClip products offer special advantages, because they are easily self-installed, cause no interior damage and can be easily removed—without diminishing the vehicle’s value.

Construction industries

Whatever type of specialized vehicle or communication device, ProClip welcomes the opportunity to provide practical and convenient solutions.

Promotional Incentives

ProClip products work as excellent sales’ incentives for a variety of industries interested in attracting new customers—giving an edge over the competition.