ProClip Mounts




Dashboard Mounts for Mobile Devices

Are you looking for an easy-to-install Dashboard Mount for your mobile device?

Our Vehicle Mounts attach to the car dashboard providing the perfect mounting platform/base for the iOauto or iOauto Pro without needing to drill holes into or dismantle your dashboard. The easy to install mount clips tightly into the seams of the dashboard and is positioned for optimal viewing and reach.

ProClip Vehicle Dashboard Mounts are available for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and semi-trucks. We also have solutions for golf carts, bicycles, motorcycles, fork lifts and more!
  • • Installs in about a minute; no drilling necessary!
  • • No dismantling of the dashboard
  • • Clips tightly onto the seams of the dashboard for a secure fit
  • • Easily removable with no damage to the vehicle's interior